Games and board games

Since June 2018, I’ve been making adaptable games and board games for use in the language classroom. All games are made using Excel, which as a spreadsheet program, isn’t really designed for such purposes. However, it remains true that spreadsheets are generally versatile tools which allow us do things which would otherwise be difficult or even impossible.

Although a few of these games have been exported to PDF, the majority remain as spreadsheets. This is because they are generators, which allow you to adapt the content to fit the needs of your class. For example, this generator: Snakes and ladders generator: world capital cities allows you to add your own content. However, if you leave the data source blank, it auto-generates questions and answers on world capital cities. On the other hand, this generator: Snakes and ladders generator does not auto-generate in the same way and requires you to add your own data, i.e. questions, conversation starter statements, etc.

Here is a compilation of all games and board games available to download on this blog:

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Snakes and ladders

Grid game generator

Cross and circle game generator

Language dominoes

Language Dominoes generator

Board game generator

Board game generator for virtual teaching

Arrows game generator for virtual teaching


Bingo (pictures)

Bingo (numbers)


Kim’s Game

Phrasal verb generator

Ludo generator

Mutual dictation generator

All content on this blog is free to download and I do sincerely hope I’ve helped someone in a far-flung corner of our world fill a gap with a fun activity.

When new content is published, I will update this page, so do drop by again!



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