London QR quiz

Here is a lesson using QR codes:

London QR quiz

The task is graded to accommodate different learners:

Worksheet 1 – Difficult

Worksheet 2 – Medium

Worksheet 3 – Easy (only the wordsearch included)


  1. Hide the QR codes! Try to have them flat and not, for example, around a pole or anything concave- they are difficult to scan. Do make extra copies in case a QR code gets ripped or damaged.
  2. Start by asking learners what they know about London.
  3. Either give learners the choice of Worksheet 1 or Worksheet 2 or decide which worksheet would be appropriately challenging for them.
  4. Put learners in pairs.
  5. Make sure each pair has a mobile telephone with a QR scanner installed. This is the one I use:
  6. Your learners may benefit from some task language to support their communication during the activity g. ‘What is the answer?’, ‘I think it might be…’, ‘Yes, I think that’s right…’, ‘No, I don’t think that’s right…’, ‘Shall we continue?’ Etc.
  7. Demonstrate what they need to do and then…
  8. Let them get started!
  9. Monitor and help.
  10. When everyone has finished and are back in the classroom, check the answers.
  11. Now complete the wordsearch!

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