Action research: Managing restless young learners

In November last year I did some action research with my YL groups on managing restless behaviour. I initially asked my colleagues at work and my colleagues in the wider community via twitter this question:

How can I manage the energy levels for restless young learners, especially those who have difficulties sitting for even short periods of time?

The responses I received, coupled with some background reading allowed me to formulate a course of action followed by a process of reflection.

I presented my action research at our training day in December using this poster to navigate and help explain my journey: Action Research. Managing Restless Young Learners

I would really like to thank the following people for their help and advice- I cannot stress enough how valuable their input has been, thank you:

Maria Diab; @HelenChapmanELT; @StandByYouUK; @NMSTuition; @CrisCAlmeida; @fakekeithcorona; @queergeoff; @AtaSuheyp; @Slccadulted; @JoJopearls; @tesol

This process has also reminded me that as reflective practitioners we cannot and should not work isolation. Thanks once again.



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