Language Dominoes generator

This Language Dominoes generator can self-generate games with different phrases and collocations: Language Dominoes generator

Language Dominoes

If you click on the Data tab and leave the area under Enter your data here blank, it will auto-generate a set of dominoes for you. Click on the Dominoes tab to see your auto-generated phrases. If you want to change the phrases, click f9 and the Dominoes will change.

Do you have specific language you wish to use? Go back to the Data tab and type/copy paste your questions, phrases and collocations in the spaces under Enter your data here.

Your Dominoes are now ready to print! You just need to read the rules on the Rules of the game tab and then, get playing!

Top tip: staple the top and bottom before cutting.
Or… Staple before using a paper trimmer.

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