Arrows game generator: Virtual teaching

This game has been designed with the virtual class in mind.

Arrows game generator

Go to the Data tab and type/copy paste your questions in the spaces under Enter your questions here. You can enter a maximum of 20 questions which will be displayed randomly on the Arrows game tab. All question cells on the Data sheet must be filled (D9:D28) for the generator to work properly.

Arrows game generator. Data page examples

Now go to the Arrows game tab, your questions will be displayed one at time in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Boardgame generator. Question

The game can have up to 10 players. Write their names in the spaces under the dice. Note that each player’s counter will contain the first letter of their name. Also, the colour of each counter will be the same as the background where their name is written. Click on and delete any extra counters before starting the game.

Arrows game name and counter

A player’s turn is indicated when their name is written in red font. This changes to the next person when the Roll the Dice! button is pressed.

Arrows game turn counter

To play the game, start by sharing your screen in your virtual classroom. If you are teaching face-to-face, project the game on your whiteboard.

To start the game, press the Roll the Dice! button and move each player’s counter accordingly.

Each player should follow the arrows as they move around the board. Landing on a hand symbol, signals the end of a player’s turn. Before starting their go, each player should read and answer the question in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If you press the Roll the Dice! button again, the question will change.

The aim of the game is for players to move from Start to Finish. The first player to reach the Finish square is declared the winner.

The Arrows game generator. Virtual teaching is macro-enabled and designed to work with Excel. If you are not using Excel, you may find this workbook will not work properly.

You can download the Arrows game generator. Virtual teaching here

Looking for a similar game? This version of the Arrows Game auto-generates questions and allows you to display the answers: Arrows game generator: Virtual teaching (world capital cities)



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