Class ratio calculator

If you are creating classes based on student ratios and the number of teachers you have available, you may find this tool useful.

You can download the Class ratio calculator here: Class ratio calculator

Enter your total number of students and maximum number of students per class into the calculator. This will give you the total number of classes you need based on this ratio.

The output box displays an equal number of students across all classes based on your total student numbers, e.g. if you have 100 students with a maximum number of 15 students per class, it will tell you that you require 7 classes and 14.3 students per class. If you have more teacher available, you can also add this number manually in cell D11.

Click the SET button to paste the values in the output box. From here, you can manually alter the student numbers in the output box to keep a tally as you start adding students to your classes. Your totals will be displayed in the Total box. Press RESET to start again.

This tool is macro-enabled and designed to work with Excel. If you are not using Excel, you may find this workbook does not work properly.

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