Grammar: Wish constructions

I’ve been looking through some old materials in an attempt to reorganise and free up some space.

Here’s a blast from the past… There is nothing like rediscovering old lessons.

It’s a grammar lesson I made many years ago. The lesson context is a boy meets girl love story. The teacher brings it to life by describing the events as they unfold. I remember having a lot of fun teaching this lesson. It’s materials light and really only requires the skills of a seasoned raconteur!

For me personally, it’s interesting to look at old lessons like this as it gives an insight into me, as a teacher, as I was, then.

In this lesson, the context is there to set up the grammar. There’s some testing and peer correction before setting up a practice stage with the intention of allowing some scope to use the target language. You may have seen similar stories like this when teaching wish constructions, it’s not an original idea and I suspect I may have taken it from someone else. If it was you, I apologise.

You can download the lesson here: Grammar. Wish constructions


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