The Twelve Days of Christmas

Here are a couple of festive filler activities and an extension task which revolve around the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

To download the worksheet, click here: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Activity 1

Learners listen to the song and complete/circle their worksheet with the missing lyrics.

There are three differentiated worksheets:

  • Worksheet A (page 1) requires learners to listen and circle the correct lyrics.
  • Worksheet B (page 3) and Worksheet C (page 5) require learners to listen and fill in the correct lyrics. Worksheet B has fewer gaps than Worksheet C.

Also, having the full song lyrics on pages 2, 4 and 6 enables all three worksheets to be printed double-sided.

If you are using a projector, the song displays the lyrics. For an added challenge, you may wish to blank the screen.

Activity 2

This is a word grab activity. Print the song lyrics (pages 7-13), cut up the boxes and place them face up on a large table within easy reach of all students. Play the song and ask learners to grab the lyrics when they hear them.

Extension task

You may wish to give each student or groups of students, a line of the song or a full verse to sing. For learners who are a little reticent, the version of the song you have already used in the previous activities might give support. Alternatively, this karaoke version may be suitable for more confident learner groups.


Have you ever wondered who Father Christmas really is? Here is a link to a fun lesson your learners might enjoy, too!


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