New Year quiz, 2021!

In need of a first lesson idea? Here’s a Kahoot New Year quiz to get you started:

You can access the quiz by clicking on the link above in your classroom. Although this works best when projected onto your board, you could potentially play using a laptop with smaller groups. You will, however, need the internet!

Click on the Play as guest button.

Kahoot quiz front page

Click on the Classic button.

Kahoot quiz classic

Display the page below and make sure the Game PIN is visible to all players.

Kahoot quiz game pin

Ask your learners to go to on their mobile phones and join using the Game PIN and then press the Enter button. game pin

Each player should type their Nickname and then press the OK, go! button. nickname

Each player’s Nickname will appear on the main game page. Once all players have joined the game, click on the Start button.

Kahoot quiz player name

Quiz questions are displayed at the top of the screen and colour-coded multiple choice answers are displayed at the bottom. A countdown timer can be found on the left.

Kahoot quiz question one

Players answer the questions by pressing the corresponding coloured button on their mobile phones. choose the answer

Once all players have answered, or the time has run out, the correct answer is displayed on the main game page. Click the Next button.

Kahoot quiz answer

After each question, player’s scores are displayed on the Scoreboard. Click the Next button to move onto the next question.

Kahoot quiz scoreboard

The quiz has 40 questions so allow around 30-40 minutes for game play. As well as standard written questions, this Kahoot features video content, so make sure your computer sound is turned on.

I will be using this quiz with all my young learner classes this week. If there are mistakes (let’s face it, there probably are), I will correct them. If you happen to notice any glaring errors, please do get in touch!

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  1. Thank you Oliver for this amazing Kahoot! Your instructions on how to play the game (along with the screenshots) are so clear I’m going to save your post and show my students to save me some time – if I may. Thank you for always making it easier for us teachers 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your message and I’m glad it’s useful! Please feel free to share it. If this quiz helps reduce planning time and is ultimately enjoyable for both teachers and students, then that’s great news.

    Thank you once again!

    Liked by 1 person

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