Kim’s Game (Christmas)

Kim’s Game is a popular game which promotes memory and observation skills. This version of the game is designed to introduce or recycle Christmas vocabulary items.

To play the game, display the Game tab via your classroom projector. Choose the images by selecting them from the drop-down list underneath each picture. Allow your students an opportunity to memorise the items.

Kim's Game (Christmas) I

Students take turns to close their eyes while you select HIDE from the drop-down list underneath one of the pictures. This will display a box with a question mark.

Kim's Game (Christmas) II

Ask the student whose turn it is to open their eyes and guess which item has been removed. If they guess correctly, they can repeat the process with another item. This continues until all the pictures have been hidden. If the student fails to guess which item(s) are missing, this signals the end of their turn.

You can download the Kim’s Game (Christmas) here: Kim’s Game (Christmas)

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