Halloween: Quiz

Here is a Halloween themed quiz with two worksheets to choose from:

  • Worksheet A provides multiple choice answers to the questions.
  • Worksheet B provides more of a challenge as it requires participants to write their answers in the spaces underneath each question.

Both worksheets have the answers at the bottom of the page, which can be folded over and away from view, or cut off completely, depending on whether you wish to check the answers together with your class group.

In order to play:

  • Print and cut up the text pieces and hide them around your classroom/school in advance of the lesson.
  • Give out either Worksheet A or Worksheet B.
  • Working alone or in small groups, students read the questions and find the text pieces in order to help them answer the questions.

You can download the materials by clicking here:


Need another Halloween themed lesson? You may be interest in this:

  • An individual long turn speaking activity with success criteria and peer assessment.
  • A short video clip about the history of Halloween.
  • A reading text and comprehension questions about the history of Halloween.
  • A song with a choice of three differentiated worksheets.

You can download the lesson materials by clicking here: Halloween: Lesson



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